Spring is coming, the sun is out

It’s heaven to work in the garden when the sun is shining, giving us warmth, and the flowers are stretching their leaves to catch all of it. Spring is on its way.

Our fire dragon garden sits on the roof of our garage and the kitchen, we were going to have a cellar, but because we are in an earthquake zone, that was stopped.

The biophilic design, connecting with nature, to be able to touch the carefully selected Montenegrin stones, each one is different, James did not install a water feature, but when watering one hears the rush of water, we have many plants which allows us to smell them and one can hear bees buzzing, birds love sitting on the wisteria. The dragon head – facing the road- is currently being changed, to roses who lived on the terrace.
We believe this dragon symbol in the shape of a garden is protecting EcoHouse and its occupants, preventing or redirecting negative energy to come in, it has grounding and healing properties.

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