Directions to EcoHouse Risan Studio
Our Address:

From main road through Risan from Herceg Novi or Kotor
By Car
To the house
GPS: 42° 30’ 53”N; 18° 42’ 03” E
a. Coming from Herceg Novi, go past the centre with its bus stops and post office (also the
Risan restaurant) for about 200m. Opposite the Luka Risan (Risan port) take the road to the
left, signed Roman Mozaics.
b. Coming from Kotor/ Perast, go past the EKO filling station for a nother 300m. Opposite the
Luka Risan (Risan port) take the road to the right, signed Roman Mozaics.
c. Just past the ‘Aroma’ supermarket, you see the Roman Mozaics on a corner. Take the road
to the LEFT of the Mozaics (keeping the Mozaics on your RIGHT!).
Do NOT go through the large archway gate which leads to the Hospital! The road you need is parallel to, and on the outside of the fence of, the internal hospital road. Go on up past the Old Peoples’ Home,
ignoring the roads to the right which run along the downhill and uphill sides of the Old Peoples’ Home. After 50m or so there is a small junction; do NOT take the road going straight on but carry on to the left. You should be able to see the house (pink façade) up on the right hand side 100m further on. Neighbours have built their walls out to restrict the road width which may make you think that the road becomes private. There is an iron gate with tortoises and our logo on it. 600m from the main road.
If by some quirk of fate, you make a mistake and find yourself going ever uphill for a km or more, you took the wrong road. Come back to the Mozaics and call us!