Spring is in the air 2023

it is peaceful, somehow spring is not ready to show itself.
EcoHouse was built to Passivhaus standard. It’s quite an undertaking taking on a project that aims to meet Passivhaus standards, as it is a very thorough and exacting way to build, ensuring your build is airtight, well-insulated, and energy-efficient.
We have seen some beautiful Camelia Japonica in their glory, but the wind and rain also destroyed some of the blossoms. Daffodils and Tulips are rearing their heads, but the occasional frost does much damage. We lost one Mandarin tree, which was devastating, even the Lemon trees lost many of their leaves, and gradually they are coming back. So, this spring is not what it should be, full of zing, it’s still with a chilly wind the birds seem to be busy some are looking, for where to build their nest, lovely to observe.

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EcoHouse Risan in Wistereria time

This is our Scottish terrace in Wisteria time view is towards Boka Bay and the mountains.